III  Infrastructures

The Section develops and expands the documentation and discussion of the traditional Instrumenta Studiorum, and emphasises new technologies which underpin Byzantine Studies. Panels are devoted to teaching and publication and to important independent disciplines.

Co-chairs: Michael Jeffreys, Wolfram Brandes
Plenary speakers:

Claudia Sode New Byzantinists Francesco D’Aiuto, Vujadin Ivanisevic, Maria Parani, Brigitte Pitarakis, Maria Tziatzi-Papagianni, Claudia Sode, Andre Vinogradov , News
Ihor Ševčenko Old Byzantinists and the place of Byzantine Studies today

Panels and co-ordinators:

III.1 Instrumenta Studiorum Wolfram Brandes
III.2 Technology Michael Jeffreys
III.3 From BZ to Byzantium@display Albrecht Berger
III.4 Teaching Byzantium with Computer and Internet Taxiarchis Kolias
– – – – – – – – –
III.5 Sigillography Jean-Claude Cheynet, Werner Seibt
III.6 Numismatics Andrew Burnett, Eurydice Georgantelli
III.7 Prosopography Ralph-Johannes Lilie
III.8 Science Anne Tihon