There will be eight Plenary Sections, usually two each morning. Each is co-chaired and advised by a member of the British Organising Committee and by a co-chair of another country. Each Plenary Section has three commissioned speakers who will speak to their published Plenary Papers for 15 minutes each and a Commentator (Rapporteur) who will speak for 15 minutes, followed by 30 minutes’ Discussion(being sessions of 90 minutes).

There will be eight Panels (Tables Rondes), usually in the afternoons, each associated with a Plenary theme and run in parallel throughout the Congress. Each Panel has one or more Co-ordinators who chair and advise on six invited Panel Contributors who will each speak to their published Contributions for 15 minutes, followed by 30 minutes’ Discussion (being sessions of 120 minutes).

Open Communications (Communications libres), each of 15 minutes, will be grouped according to topic in blocks of six or eight speakers, with two chairmen. A Call for Communications and Posters will be sent with the First Circular in early. The Communications Manager is Fiona Haarer.

General Principles: Co-chairmen are welcome to speak at another session. Panel Co-ordinators may chair or speak at their Panels. But no participant is expected to speak more than twice at the Congress.

Languages: All languages common to International Byzantine Congresses are welcome in session and publication. Administrative languages are English and French.